Case Studies

Progressive web app for Slide Insurance

Slide Insurance Web App

Streamlining a personalized home insurance experience with Next.JS
Web and mobile application designs for tablet and phone


Helping Square design tools for sellers to manage risk and stay on top of their business.
Illustration of chat bubbles for neighborhood social app

Neighborhoods By Facebook

Building a product with Facebook to help people connect and build relationships with their neighbors.
Mobile app design for millennial showing feed


Crafting a user experience dedicated to helping couples feel connected.
Mobile app design for social network with three phones

Facebook Lead Ads

Improving the quality of leads gathered from Facebook ads and making it easier to follow up on them.
Smiling woman with necklace


Providing freelancers with the business tools they need to be successful.
Woman in tech wire framing a user flow on paper with pencil

Facebook Services

Improving the user experience of the Facebook Services product.
Meeting room hardware with app design on tablet


Bringing an interface to life through animation
Woman in Africa sitting in village

Cord App

Creating a powerful project management tool for a global effort.
Movie watching app on iPhone with popcorn and QR code Ticket

Facebook Movies

Designing a product from the ground up with Facebook.
Children using iPads on rug in living room

Messenger Kids

Scaling a messaging and video calling app that’s fun for kids and easy for parents to manage.
Young couple buying a home shaking hands with real estate agent


Creating a product to make life easier for real estate agents.
Illustration of woman holding phone on bike in city

Facebook Surveys

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.
Creative team sitting in front of wall of posters

Facebook Ads Manager

Improving the Facebook Ad Manager platform by working with cross-functional teams to help businesses create and manage their ads.
Coffee cup and mobile phone for starbucks

Starbucks Windows App

Getting rewards points should be fun and unique. Here’s how we used physics in Windows Universal to help Starbucks achieve that.
Woman paying at register in a coffee shop with smile


Increasing user engagement with an improved user experience
Arc'teryx travel backpack in red with woman in the mountains


Increasing user interaction with a new app experience
iPhone with app design and user profile


Product strategy, design, and development for an app for people to share the products they love and get paid for it.
Man holding tablet with app on couch

XBOX Time Shifted Comments

A companion app for XBOX Originals Entertainment.
Website design for real estate company in Montana

Big Sky

Building a website showcasing the magic of Big Sky
Website design and development for education and technology company


Implementing a new brand identity into an updated website design.
Website design for VC firm with smiling founders


Distinguishing a venture capital firm from their competitors.
Website design for nonprofit community bike shop

Bicycle Collective

Powering the Bicycle Collective's next stage of growth
Mother and child smiling with iPhone on couch

Vivint Internet

Building a website to educate and excite people.
Man and woman developers collaborating while writing code in office

Movable Ink

Building a website for a new partnership marketplace launch.
Electric scooters in front of cyc wall and bright colors

Boosted Boards

Creating a robust and scalable website management experience using Shopify and Contentful.
Mothers smiling and linking arms

Embrace Grace

Building for the growing future of a non-profit with a flexible website that delivers a clear message and connects people to a supportive community.
Avodah logo


Creating a technology-forward identity without losing sight of a company’s faith-based mission.
Website development for Epicurrence event with parallax and mountain scenery

Epicurrence Jackson Hole

Website development for Epicurrence
Doctor using technology in office pointing at graph


A partnership with a mission-driven medical startup that's redefining the medical industry through improved experiences and new technology.
Pink flamingo in water at community aviary

Tracy Aviary

An interactive, vibrant and easy-to-use website for a local non-profit that nurtures education and conservation for all ages.
Logo design for startup Sparked

Sparked Branding

Creating a brand for Meta's New Product Experimentation.
Dentist logo design in blue over white

Cascade Dental

Sales & Service for the Wasatch Front
Expanding possibilities for Skyhigh with a visual brand identity.


It's your data. Skyhigh aims to keep it that way.
Event graphics design and fabrication with city scape and logotype

Better Together

Making things better together with Facebook for their Local Engineer Summit.
Small business branding for Monstro's Sammies

Monstro’s Sammies

Creating a brand identity that's sure to make you crave a sandwich.
Small business stickers and promotional materials

Facebook Ads COVID Stickers

Helping small businesses better serve their customers during COVID-19 and beyond.
Event logo for Spring Drop-In

Spring Drop-In

Building a shared community experience
Hair product shot on bright blue colored backdrop for Kevin Murphy

Curl Co. Product Photography

Creating unique product photography for a boutique salon’s online store.
Assortment of branded items for small business including custom packaging and branded merch

SLC Client Gift

Every year we get together as a design team to produce a special gift for our amazing clients.
Front conference utah design system

Front Conference

Building a brand identity for a product management and product design conference.
Trellis and flowers illustration

Trellis Rx

An in-depth brand and website created to take a company from a business concept to reality.
Logo for Day One journaling app over white wall with woman and child

Day One

Improving and unifying the clean brand of the world's best journaling app for Mac and iOS.
Woman wearing blue t-shirt with logo

Facebook Local Team

Creating a simple but comprehensive brand that could grow alongside one of Facebook's largest internal teams.
Bakery logo with stamp on brown bag

Honeycomb Bakery

Defining and executing a brand identity for a local bakery
Bright colored logo for Morph 3d

Morph 3D

Crafting a two new brand identities for companies in the digital world of 3D art.
Owl logo with bright blue and green colors for app with paper


Visual exploration and illustration to create a simple and friendly mark that successfully represents an already thriving brand.
Ardusat education logo and logotype in front of dark galaxy


A brand refresh and new web app to refine their identity and more clearly communicate what they do to a large audience.
Video production of book with animated illustrations

Bible Project

Powering an animation studio to full-scale EdTech platform
360 photography camera in the outdoors with sunrise in background

National Geographic

Shooting 360 content, video and photography at some of the nations greatest national parks.
Doctor wearing mask and face shield in scrubs

DPS Skis

Documenting how the Utah outdoor community came together during the pandemic.
Laughlin Nevada lights at night over water

Laughlin, NV

Rebranding Laughlin, NV with updated TV spots, videos, cinemagraphs and photography.
Smiling woman holding straightening teeth aligner


Reimagining Smilelove with refreshed photography and video content.
Group of people playing virtual reality video game

Sandbox VR

Branded photography to accompany the launch of their new website
Chatbooks product photography


A series of unique cinemagraphs to promote Chatbooks’ seasonal books and launch their brand new holiday card products
Person riding Citi bike on street

Citi Bike

Promote NYC’s bike share program by capturing the unique moments people can have on a Citi Bike and creating neighborhood travelogues.
All white photo of man wearing glasses in a fashionable jacket

Custom Photography

Website photography for Reform Collective
Man with iPhone and headphones in hospital

Parrot App

A promotional video displaying the features of a new social podcast listener app.
WestX logo in front of Wild West scenery


Promotional content for a two-day ultra gravel race that stretches Utah’s west desert.
Woman holding iPhone using augmented reality

Facebook 360

Powering Facebook's 360's innovative tools and interactive features with promotional content