SLC Client Gift

Every year we get together as a design team to produce a special gift for our amazing clients.

We were fortunate to work with some amazing people and companies over the last year and to show our appreciation, we sent a custom holiday gift "The S.S. Monstro: A Portrait of Underbelly") to our awesome clients. These gifts are something we love doing yearly and this time around we wanted to share a bit of what we love about our home city and the winter season. “Greetings from Salt Lake City” became the theme we built the gift package around with the goal of offering recipients the sense of warmth, security, and comfort we wish for them during the Holidays.


A good blanket can be enjoyed at home cuddled up on your couch watching Netflix, or venturing outside for a picnic on the beach. We partnered with Wakened Apparel"Wakened Apparel Ash Camp Blanket") to co-brand a multipurpose blanket because their blankets are not only wonderfully soft and ruggedly well made. They also align with our goal of supporting ethical practices and giving back. Learn more about our passion for giving back. The blankets are handmade by artisans from 100% recycled textiles rescued from the landfill. Additionally, 10% of proceeds go to the International Rhino Foundation.

Post Card

We love our little city tucked in the mountains and the breathtaking surroundings we get to explore. To convey this we kept coming back to the idea of vintage postcards; how they captured the nostalgia of travel and exploration. We created an illustrated typography lockup that showcases three environments that make life in this part of the world so incredible: the red rock deserts of southern Utah, the lush Wasatch Mountains, and city of Salt Lake which houses the great culture and community we love. A complimentary palette ranging from violet to gold was used to give the impression of a warm sunrise on a cold winter morning.


We were able to adjust the postcard artwork for use on a tailor-made, five color, screen printed Miir mug. This token could serve as a day-to-day reminder for our clients of the friends they have in Salt Lake City and the good work we were able to do together.

Chocolate Bar

No Holiday could be complete without a little indulgence, and what is more decadent than fine belgian milk chocolate? Nothing! So we worked with Totally Chocolate to fully design a chocolate bar from the mold to the wrapping paper. We expanded on the theme, this time creating a remote cabin scene overlooking a mountain lake during sunrise. The rolling hills motif made a perfect pattern for the mold of the bar. The “Belly Bar” turned out so beautiful and delicious we are tempted to go into the chocolatiering business.  


For the packaging we went all out, covering every inch of the box in rich illustrated landscapes inspired by the lake adorned Uinta Mountains. The scene speaks to warmth, comfort, safety, and belonging, even when it is frigid outside. I like to imagine the cabin filled with family and friends enjoying cheery conversation and good food while the fireplace crackles. All of the items together create a cohesive experience meant to fill the user with holiday cheer and set them up for a cozy winter evening.

We hope all of our friends we’ve worked with this year had a wonderful break and will continue to take time to themselves to sit back, relax, and enjoy the quiet moments we often take for granted.


Matt Royce
Content Lead
Matt Scribner
Art Director
Brad Edwards

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