PHH (Presbyterian Hospitality House)

PHH had grown to the point that it needed a new space of its own. Financing this level of growth meant they needed to update the PHH brand and website. Most of their marketing and design work had been done in-house here and there by leadership. No one on their staff had worked with a design agency before and did not know what to expect. They did understand that this step was necessary for the expansion and security of the organization.

We fostered a healthy and open working relationship with the PHH team that quickly put their reservations at rest. They understood that we wanted them to succeed and that we’d do everything to set them up for success, the same way they help their youth.

After deep diving into their current website and brand, we worked with the PHH team and agreed that the site had too much information and it was difficult to navigate. The solution was to tell the incredible PHH story by focusing on the impact they were currently making. As we began working on the brand, we made sure that the narrative we wanted in the website was also present in their logo and brand.

The three silhouetted children were kept to show strength and unity in diversity. The letters acknowledged PHH’s history, starting out as a religious-based organization helping Inuit women adjust to living in the city. The letter styles of the logo were influenced by indigenous artwork native to Alaska and the traditional Black Letter used in Latin bibles. Both use curved and ridged accents that we adopted into the letter forms and later throughout the website. 

PHH needed to communicate its mission and credibility clearly to donors, which would help bring the organization closer to its goal.

After finishing the brand refresh, we jumped into designing the user’s journey through the website by creating a sitemap. We knew that the work PHH did for their Youth was by far the greatest strength that needed to be showcased throughout their website. Our goal was to show users how real the circumstances of these kids are and how important the work of PHH is. If we could do this successfully, convincing donors to help would be a sinch for the PHH team.

We were able to produce a brand and website for PHH that shows their impact and incredible story. Instead of a single color and logo, the brand now had an entire palette, patterns, shapes, and a variety of logo layouts, accompanied by a thorough brand guide that would maintain the brand’s integrity for years to come.The website is now robust and tells the amazing story of hope given to each child that works with PHH. We made sure that the phrase “once a PHH kid, always a PHH kid” was clear on each page. As not every component is visible on the website, PHH is now set up to showcase milestones in the future. We’ve learned and enjoyed working with PHH and are so excited to see them grow and make an even greater impact on the lives of the youth in Alaska.


Joe Johnson
Matt Royce
Content Lead
Hadleigh Arnst
Director of Content
Taylor Powers
Project Manager

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