Children's Miracle Network

Enabling a mission-driven organization to scale with a flexible design system


Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) is a non-profit with a mission to improve funding to children’s hospitals for critical life-saving treatments and healthcare services. Over their years in business, multiple websites have been created to target different fundraising streams, each with their own design styles, making them feel unattached. We partnered with CMN to build a Design System that they could share with the entire organization to help keep things cohesive and create some extra efficiency around the design process.


We delivered a Design System to unify their web presence by allowing for a cohesive design language for all of their websites. We also extended the brand guidelines by creating web standards, including a type and spacing scale, as well as tints and hues, to make the color pallet more versatile in a web environment. This has allowed for a more solidified brand online and has enabled Children’s Miracle Network to spin up new projects easily with components that already have accessibility and responsiveness in mind.


Michelle Harvancik
Product Designer

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