Morph 3D

Crafting a two new brand identities for companies in the digital world of 3D art.

Daz3D is a successful company in the world of 3D art; selling assets as well as providing advanced 3D modeling tools to hobbyists and casual professionals alike. The Daz Studio software specializes in the human form, and though their community was thriving, much of the art had skewed somewhat risqué.

We partnered with Daz3D to help them take control and reposition their brand. The aim was to appeal to a new crowd of artists with a fresh outlook, without alienating their existing community. With this shift, Daz3D was also looking to pivot their business and make an entrance into the gaming world with their digital products. We decided it best to to keep the thriving community of hobbyists under the Daz3D umbrella. To ditch their old reputation, the shift into gaming would be spurred under a new identity altogether; Morph3D.

“The aim was to appeal to a new crowd of artists with a fresh outlook, without alienating their existing community.”

The research started with interviewing the public to get an idea of what the old brand communicated. After being compared to weapons and tribal tattoos, it became apparent that their logo was not representative of who Daz3D aimed to be.

Our artists explored several different concepts for marks. At first, we took to animals, assigning a cat to one brand and a rabbit to another. Inspired by polygons, geometric shapes took a turn in the sketches, with sharp angles and hard edges. 

However, as both brands specialized in the human body and its unique characteristics, these ideas didn’t give the mark the figural touch that they needed. We quickly narrowed our sketches down to designs that were more fluid and human-like.

Once everyone at Daz3D, and now Morph3D, were pleased with both marks, we continued to focus on the characteristics of each identity. Logotypes and color palettes were created to make sure each brand had its own personality and looked just right. Then we built extensive style and brand guides to complete the rebranding of Daz3D and give Morph3D’s its own place and purpose.

Our relationship with those at Daz and Morph is still going strong. We’re excited for them as they begin to explore their role in virtual reality, and we see great potential in multiple next-level concepts for them. Whether it’s a simple follow up question or advice on brand strategy, we continue to work with them on their branding and positioning in the market.


Brad Edwards
Matt Scribner
Art Director

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