Increasing user engagement with an improved user experience

InMoment is a customer experience service based in data analytics. They help brick and mortar shops collect data on things like which locations are doing well, which are not and how they can improve by collecting responses from actual customers. Knowing their website was extremely outdated, they wanted to rebuild it from the ground up.

With InMoment’s services based on actual people interacting with technology to leave reviews, we felt that an app would encourage user engagement more frequently. To show what an app could do for them, we quickly built a hack app. Complete with elaborate visuals and animations, the first prototype was finished in only a matter of weeks. 

Reducing risk

This cost-effective and timely prototype allowed the InMoment product team to explore the possibilities of an app for their company without having to take the leap right away. The prototype was quickly pitched to their executive team, and is now being developed into a complete product.

After making the prototype, we helped InMoment with all of their UI patterns and visuals so that their product team could continue to build their products on mobile and desktop while easily maintaining consistency throughout. The attention then moved to their old website that needed to be replaced. 

We were already knee-deep in projects, so we enlisted some of our friends at Telegraph Creative. We worked with them on the website, providing direction, feedback and support while continuing to focus on high-level scalable design decisions for the entire platform.

Gathering user feedback

Our quick, functional prototype enabled InMoment’s product team to see and understand the potential of their mission. We were happy to create a prototype and help set their future product up for success. When it came down to it, our efforts in this project were all about turning our clients vision into a reality.


Riley Bracken

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