Sandbox VR Photography

Branded photography to accompany the launch of their new website

In the ever-competitive and expanding VR space companies are always trying to find ways to stick out from the competition. Sandbox VR decided their site needed a refresh and reached out to our buddies at Reform Collective to design their new site. Reform came up with a rad concept that required a lot of stylized photography, so they reached out to us to execute it.

This unique concept required a good amount of pre-production work from our content team. Going through our list of connections, we were able to find the perfect prop master right here in Salt Lake who was able to build the devices out perfectly. We went with a stylist we have worked with on previous projects and felt she could put together the perfect look without having the outfits be too distracting or silly next to the low poly devices. The combination of the devices and the wardrobe gave an awesome overall aesthetic that really helped enhance the client’s concept.

We shot everything in one day which gave us ample time to get the shots we needed, and allowed us to have plenty of time to play and try new poses. The lighting technique required solid prep so we were ready for a full day of shooting. Our photographer Matt Royce developed the perfect set up by optimizing a select few colored backdrops and gels on lights to create the base look. The color spill onto the talent was sculpted precisely for the final effect and done in a way that allowed him to tweak colors as needed to get the right hues in post-production. We ended up providing some great images that helped boost the new site’s look and brand, as well as provide some additional images Sandbox VR could use for promotional materials elsewhere.

Original content for a progressive website

The final imagery was used to communicate the unique and transformative experience that Sandbox VR offers. The web experience was designed by Reform Collective.


Matt Royce
Content Lead
Reform Collective
Partner Agency
Hadleigh Arnst
Director of Content

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