Cord App

Creating a powerful project management tool for a global effort.

Seed Company seeks to change the way international Bible translation is done by applying innovative new technologies to this ancient endeavor. They needed a single space to communicate and manage projects across a diverse set of users in a wide range of locations.

We worked with their team to design a powerful tool called Cord that enables members of this global initiative to manage projects and collaborate—whether they’re working from a high-rise office or in a remote village.

“Seed Company required a state-of-the-art tool to propel their organization into the next phase. The Cord App not only had to support many different roles, but also account for different translation types like written, oral, and sign language.”

We worked closely with Seed Company throughout the project, starting with a kickoff at their Dallas, Texas headquarters. There, we gained insight into the different user personas, processes, and technical parameters of the project. Our challenge: to create an intuitive design system that was simple to use, but flexible enough to meet various needs.

“The Pipeline”, as it’s known at Seed Company, is the series of stages and approvals projects must go through before they become active. It’s an incredibly complex process involving many different departments. We simplified things by designing a collaborative space where projects could be created, modified, and monitored from initial contact all the way to final approval.

The system needed to not only manage projects, but also languages, people, and organizations. Our solution included an intuitive search feature, customizable profiles, admin controls, and different views for users with different levels of permission. And to help people be productive and organized throughout a project, we built a customized task management system into the app itself.

A huge part of project creation for Seed Company hinges on the project plan, but putting that plan together wasn’t an easy task. We designed a flexible scheduling solution to account for who is translating what, when, and how. The new tool allows for additional considerations including blackout dates, events, and milestones. We conducted several rounds of user testing on project creation to make sure we weren’t missing anything critical to the process, that the product was easy to use, and that the tool would scale as needed.

People involved in the global movement of Bible translation are highly invested individuals who want accurate information on project progress, so we created simple ways to keep information up-to-date by integrating with translation software already being used in the field.

We also made sure to account for easily tailored sharing and exporting of project progress, so the right information could go to the right people, while sensitive information remains secure.


We happily continue to work with Seed Company to advance the ever-changing landscape of international translation and help them fulfill their purpose.

I can’t speak highly enough about the Underbelly team! Not only are they a blast to work with, but they helped us clarify and articulate complex business processes, engage our internal stakeholders and users, and put us on track to deliver great value back to the organization. They are highly responsive, maintain clear and consistent communication, and go above and beyond in their delivery. The work they have done will have a long-lasting impact on our organization. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again!
Seth McKnight
Product Owner


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