People are passionate about the gear that they love. But currently, there is no easy way to find and share products with other people. We wanted to create a solution by building an app where users can find and share products, while also rewarding them for recommending their favorite products to other people.

But first things first…every good app needs a solid brand. With a concept that sources merchandise from multiple online retailers, we needed a bold brand that would compliment products from various industries. Something that would speak to shopping and rewarding consumers for their recommendations and purchases. With those goals in mind, we created a mark that works well for small scale and coupled it with vibrant splashes of color.

Having an in-house studio gave us the unique opportunity to create custom product photography for use throughout the project. Starting with sketches on paper, and working those concepts into wireframes, we were able to add a level of quality that our layouts and design can rely on.

To validate our ideas and communication strategy, we mocked up a prototype using custom photography and the Invision App. We needed to clearly communicate the value of a referral app, while answering the complex questions around how it works, payments, etc. The results were promising and we used that feedback to outline a product development roadmap.

To further help people understand the value of Kickback, and to support our product launch, we also created a short promotional video. Our in-house production team knocked it out of the park by writing a solid script, producing a fun video and providing a way for us to clearly communicate how Kickback functions.


Anthony Lagoon
Riley Bracken

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