Increasing user interaction with a new app experience

Experticity is a startup dedicated to building and nurturing real life interactions between passionate outdoor enthusiasts and the brands they love. Their brand and following grew rapidly. To accommodate their growth, they needed to quickly add designers to their team. That’s where we came in.

Numbers had communicated that Experticity’s customers were trying to use mobile browsers more often than desktop computers, but their website wasn’t mobile friendly.  Creating a mobile app would present Experticity with the opportunity to help develop the outdoor community and increase user interaction.

To be successful, we needed to get a clear understanding of customer needs and business goals. We worked through an intensive discovery process with key stakeholders to conceptualize upcoming projects. Our design team worked closely with their product and engineering teams by utilizing daily stand-ups, weekly design sprints and on-site working sessions.

“Numbers had communicated that Experticity’s customers were trying to use mobile browsers more often than desktop computers, but their website wasn’t mobile friendly.”

Experticity liked the focus on community, so we took our research one step further for confirmation and tracked down Experticity members in their natural habitat: sporting goods stores. In just a short amount of time, our idea to incentivize sharing and participation with discounts were validated by real users. We then used this feedback to get internal buy-in and solidify a list of features to include for the new product we were about to build.

While we worked with the mobile team, we also helped Experticity with their core website by refreshing their design and making it responsive. Focusing on maintaining consistency across teams and accelerating development, we built easy-to-reference UI guidelines and pattern libraries. 

To make all Experticity platforms beautifully cohesive, we juggled a handful of other tasks for the site while getting ready to ship the mobile minimum viable product (MVP) to open beta. This included creating custom illustrations and over 30 new icons that were scaled to various sizes, as well as adding a modern shopping experience for members.

After the MVP shipped, our team collected and reviewed metrics, which included downloads, daily active users and frequency and engagement of posts. Together we then shipped the first version of iOS, Android and mobile web app which is still being used today. Since then we have witnessed user engagement consistently increase from the time the app shipped and have been excited to see our product being used by thousands of users every day.

This is the only design shop I’ve worked with that has been able to shed the agency/client dynamic enough to help drive a real dual-track discovery and development approach to building software.
Mark Parrett
Senior Product Manager


Adam Tolman
Design Director
Matt Scribner
Art Director
Anthony Lagoon
Matt Royce
Content Lead
Riley Bracken

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