Trellis Rx

An in-depth brand and website created to take a company from a business concept to reality.

Trellis Rx is a technology-enabled service that works with health systems to fund, build and operate specialty pharmacies. As their company grew, they knew they needed a brand to represent their mission. They came to us in the very beginning of their venture when they were still in need of a name and basic brand identity. After starting with the basics, we continued to build their brand with a comprehensive style guide, collateral, presentation templates, marketing materials and a website. In other words, the works.

Inspiration for the name came from the goals and mission of the organization. A trellis is a framework used to support the growth of fruit, climbing plants and trees. Similarly, Trellis Rx supports the growth and success of their health system partners’ specialty pharmacies and the patients they serve. Their mission is to make specialty pharmacies smarter, better and more affordable.

Once the name, style and messaging was established, we set out to create a logo that encapsulated it all in a way that was clean and sharp. The Trellis logo design was inspired by the negative space created within a lattice structure.

We built out a style guide defining logo usage, tone, secondary design elements, color and typography. Once the identity system was completed, we created custom illustrations, collateral and promotional material for the budding business.

Of course, the ultimate piece of promotional material is a good website. Working with the talented Courtney Bradford, we expanded the design system to include a thorough UI kit and responsive type and layout patterns. Our own in-house development team engineered the site to include features like a complex sliding calculator and a dynamic scalable team profile page.

Since our initial engagement, Trellis Rx has made the leap from being a business concept to a successfully adopted premier specialty pharmacy solution. They have partnered with Mission Health to co-create a specialty pharmacy, designed with an unprecedented focus on patient engagement, education and experience. It all started with a name and grew from there. We now continue to work with Trellis Rx to support them as they expand.

We initially selected Underbelly because, as a new company, we wanted a partner who was willing to start small with us. As we've grown, Underbelly has consistently met our needs and exceeded our expectations.
Brian Lovett


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