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We were thrilled to team up with our friends at the Bicycle Collective to design and build their new website. The Bicycle Collective is a Utah-based non-profit on a mission to promote cycling as an effective, sustainable form of transportation and recreation for a cleaner and healthier society. Their cultural impact is felt throughout the state. The Bicycle Collective hosts beloved events like the annual Bike Prom. They also provide invaluable services like classes and bike valet. The Collective is the best place in town to get bikes, parts, and tune-ups at an affordable cost. These initiatives help fund the charity work of providing refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community—focusing on children and lower-income households.

The Bicycle Collective was looking to refine its identity and expand its operation. They needed a robust and beautiful site to elevate their brand to be more contemporary, polished, and inclusive. They also hoped to increase revenue through their online store, serve as a central cycling resource, and raise awareness of their cause by offering more information and education. 

We made sure the designs were flexible and easy to use while still maintaining quality and brand consistency.

During the project kickoff, we met with stakeholders to learn about the Collective’s business & project goals, brand, users, and market. We lead exercises to gather inspiration and review their existing designs and ideas. By the end of the kickoff, we aligned on the parameters, risks, opportunities, and objectives. We then fleshed out the visual identity to scale for the site. We built out the colors, typography, and visual styles of the Bicycle Collective brand.

After getting aligned on overall style and wireframes, we identified what components we needed with special thought to the key pages and opportunities for custom design. Our team considered variations in screen size, content, and style when designing the site components. We also added new components we felt would be helpful for future updates. 

To ensure each component worked in context, we mocked up the core web pages. We then tested and refined the components to confirm that everything was working holistically and that the site design accounted for all needed functionality with the right aesthetic. The Bicycle Collective's team handles ongoing site maintenance. Because of this, we made sure the designs were flexible and easy to use while still maintaining quality and brand consistency.

We built the website using the Shopify CMS (Content Management System). Using their Liquid templating language, we built a native theme allowing users to edit and store unique fields for custom components. To empower the Bicycle Collective team to edit and maintain the site content, we provided them with a series of training videos explaining how to use the CMS.

The final product is a well-structured CMS with a streamlined content-editing experience and a codebase that will grow with the Bicycle Collective. Building their site on the Shopify eCommerce platform makes it easy for The Collective to manage their inventory and generate sales helping fulfill their goal of increasing revenue from online sales. 

We were so grateful for this opportunity to work with the Bicycle Collective to help make a positive impact on our community. Their mission is so near-and-dear to our hearts. You can donate time, money, or parts to the Collective here.

The new website launched on November 14th, a day also recognized as Giving Tuesday - a pretty good way to celebrate if you ask us.

Underbelly has helped us build a product that we believe will redefine how we deliver on our mission of promoting cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and recreation.
Thomas Cooke
Digital Strategist


Brad Edwards
Matt Scribner
Art Director

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