Visual exploration and illustration to create a simple and friendly mark that successfully represents an already thriving brand.

Smartimage is a digital asset management tool that strives to help businesses stay connected and organized. Although they were passionate about the services their company provided for their customers, Smartimage expressed less enthusiasm for their logo. They had a well-defined and approachable business centered around ease, communication and usability, and were now determined to find a new mark that could successfully capture those characteristics.

To understand what direction Smartimage wanted to take for their new logo, we sat down with them and discussed multiple possibilities. The existing mark was an owl that looked strong and fierce, maybe even a little cold. Together we started brainstorming to figure out what was working and what wasn’t.  

Their team wanted to keep the image of an owl, but make it seem less intimidating.  They were also fond of the shade of blue from the original mark. It was quickly agreed upon that those two characteristics would remain the same throughout the project.  We then hit the sketchbooks to create a new mark that would be simple, friendly, tech savvy and one of a kind.

“The biggest challenge was how do you create a super simple owl logo that hasn’t already been done? Because there are a million owl logos that have already been done. Trying to re-invent that was challenging.”

The rough sketches explored many variations of owls, combining them with basic geometric shapes and layouts. We reviewed drafts with the crew at Smartimage, narrowing down ideas and fostering a heavily collaborative process that aided in a swift timeline.  The final mark expressed all of Smartimage’s positive attributes through a design that was modern yet approachable. 


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Brad Edwards

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