Facebook Local Team

Creating a simple but comprehensive brand that could grow alongside one of Facebook's largest internal teams.

Facebook has many internal product teams, each focused on unique problems and aiming to deliver the best experience possible. One of those teams, the Local Team, is tasked with building and growing a platform for local businesses to communicate with their audience, create and promote events, and advocate local discovery. As they grew, they wanted to build a new brand that felt unique and that the team could rally around.

As we started, we explored a large number of ideas for the mark that merged the concepts of pages, places, and connection. We looked at how the Local Team interacts with other pieces of the core Facebook product and how they helped businesses and individuals connect.

Together with the Product Design Director on the Local Team we landed on three solid directions we wanted to further explore that captured who the team was and what they did. After gathering additional feedback from client stakeholders, and internal critique, we landed on a mark that would best exemplify the team and capture their vision.

Along with the mark and a simple style guide, we worked with the team to print and embroider the mark on some cool gear to distribute across the team. We made hoodies, hats, socks, as well as posters to place around their space to help showcase who Local Team is, what they do, and why they do it.

Since helping them develop and promote their brand, Facebook's Local Team continues to grow, even spinning out smaller teams, each with their own brand that nicely ties in with the over-arching Local Team mark. We've grown close with their team and continue to help them expand their brand as they continue to grow and connect local communities together.


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Brad Edwards

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