A brand refresh and new web app to refine their identity and more clearly communicate what they do to a large audience.

Science, technology, engineering and math can sometimes seem intimidating to kids. Ardusat is a startup aimed at making STEM more approachable and fun. The key was to educate children in a hands-on environment using experiments that start in the classroom and travel into space. 

Ardusat developed individual classroom space kits that integrate with real satellites to intrigue and engage young learners. With plenty of unique projects, and educational materials, the next step for Ardusat was to attract more investors, educators and most importantly, students. We teamed up with them to create a new web app and refresh their brand in order to clearly communicate who they are and what they do.

Working closely with Ardusat, we chose a style to follow throughout the project that would speak to both teachers and students alike. Our illustrators and photographers used items from actual space kits to create original content. 

From custom artwork to clever packaging design, the goal for the new content was to clearly showcase their brand and promote efforts in learning challenging subjects in an approachable and fun manner.

The web app was built with the same style in mind, inviting yet sophisticated. Our development and design teams worked together to craft playful header icons to highlight the site’s pages. Informational resources were easy to find and learning a was fun and interactive experience.  Our quick start guide for Ardusat’s patented Space Kit is a great example of how our animated illustrations made STEM accessible and fun.

Since partnering with Ardusat, their audience continues to grow, proving that a clear message and updated brand can make the difference.  We were happy to do our part to make Ardusat more approachable and inviting so that they can continue to focus on making learning fun.


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Riley Bracken

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