The accessibility and popularity of clear aligners has made the business of making them a hyper competitive field. Smilelove — an aligner creation company that specializes in making at-home, custom-made invisible aligners sent directly to consumers — reached out to us looking to completely upgrade and refresh all of it’s photography and video content. They needed imagery for their website, promotional materials, as well as a new brand anthem and instructional videos that would separate them from the competition. 

We started by working with Smilelove to understand their brand position. Their overarching theme was confidence: confidence in everyday life, the kind that a great smile can bring to the little moments of your life. From there we developed and wrote concepts and scripts for the videos and photography that would tell that story. Based on these we planned lifestyle and product photography both on location and on our in-house cyc wall; and a 2 day, 8 location video shoot around Salt Lake City. 

For the brand anthem, we worked closely with the Smilelove team to write the script for the video. The goal was to highlight little moments of confidence that people could have with a “better smile”. The feel of the video needed to be very real and authentic, from casting to locations and creating moments for our talent to be comfortable and natural. From camera movement, lighting choices to talent direction, the video brought a positive fun but not over the top fake vibe to the material.

For the instructional video we wanted to dig deep and make sure it was as effective as possible. User testing was the best way to learn where people were getting confused with how to use the aligner kit, and why, so we could directly address it within the video itself. We had all our talent make impressions and recorded their journey to make sure they were experts and we knew all the specific issues to target.

We discovered that it was important to visually show what the kits should include, and label what each item was while describing the steps in the instructional video - so we went with side by side, as well as top-down views of the kit while a video played explaining what was happening during each step.

Knowing that this was a complete refresh we also made sure to get photography constantly through the video shoot ending up with a library of lifestyle and product imagery that Smilelove can use long term.

The end result is a complete overhaul of content on the Smilelove site from photos to video. And happy clients with hard drives filled with images and footage for repurposing in their brand new brick and mortar stores, billboards and any digital media needs.


Matt Royce
Content Lead
Hadleigh Arnst
Director of Content

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