When we heard that our good friends at DPS - an SLC company that makes skis just a few blocks away from Underbelly - had been reinventing themselves to avoid possible layoffs or closure due to COVID-19; we were compelled to film their story. They’re an awesome example of what people can do to problem solve design challenges and contribute to society at the same time.

We went to their factory and documented them making face shields instead of skis. We interviewed their crew, from the CEO to the team shipping them out; to get a full perspective on the project. We also spoke with the business community that had supported them - Goal Zero and Petzl. We adapted our shoot crew for COVID safety (masks, appropriate distance on interviews, limited crew and used available light) so that we could get everything we needed.


The short film got thousands of views with exceptionally high levels of completion, and was picked up by digital outdoor news sites like Outside Online  and Snews. We’re happy to get their story in front of so many people.

UB was great at all they did for this prjoect. Go team!
Dan Pizza
Art Director


Matt Royce
Content Lead
Hadleigh Arnst
Director of Content

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