Facebook Services

Improving the user experience of the Facebook Services product.

Businesses offline can sometimes struggle with finding new customers and leads. With the social platform that Facebook has to offer to its users, the success of the Services team revolves around building a tool to meaningfully increase value for service-based businesses.

By helping businesses connect with new clients on their social media platform, they provide value and a clear segway for businesses to gain more potential clients, on and off of the platform.

Our team spent a lot of time with the Facebook Services team discussing strategy, and mapping out potential opportunities for improving the usability of their product. We determined how we could best create an ecosystem that would best provide value to businesses, and bring them new leads and customers.

Aligning to overarching business goals, while also providing a great user experience was key to our strategy. We worked closely with engineers and researchers at Facebook to conduct experimentation, research, validation, and A/B tests. Some of the constraints we encountered were how to truly understand the need for administrators using the platform, and how we could best create a great user experience for both admins and consumers. We needed to prioritize what projects to test that would be the most impactful for businesses while providing an excellent experience for the end-users.

One of our biggest successes for the Services tool is continually making improvements to the functionalities and user experience for the team itself. Since the beginning of the year, the Services tool has been completely revamped to better serve its users.


Tina Truong
Product Designer
Consumer Business Ecosystem Team
Internal Team
Mark Ludeman
Product Designer

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