XBOX Time Shifted Comments

A companion app for XBOX Originals Entertainment.

XBOX Entertainment Studios is responsible for creating original content for the XBOX Entertainment system. With so much original content coming down their pipeline they were looking to create an app that could provide an equally original experience while watching their shows. With the idea of trying to maintain the excitement of social media hype well after a show’s initial release, they reached out to us to work on the design for a prototype app.

With the new challenge of creating an app that could tether to an XBOX, we started by researching other video and gaming apps that already connect to a video entertainment system.  From there we designed a solid way to browse available shows as well as comment on the action in real time. Combining these three points resulted in the Time Shifted Comments app.

The Time Shifted Comments App was a way to to revolutionize how you watch XBOX original shows by recapturing the feel of live social media interactions long after a show’s initial release. The app worked in connection with the XBOX One and specifically the XBOX Originals Entertainment shows. After tethering a Windows tablet to your XBOX, you were able to choose shows from the companion app and view comments as well as reply to old comments. You could also create a new comment of your own while the show played.

After completing the prototype, the app was officially green lit by the team at XES and we began work on the other aspects needed to create an entire experience. In the end, we designed a complex app that consisted of features you would see in an entertainment app, a social network, and a video game.

I worked with Underbelly on a complex project involving rapid iteration and a complex design.  They performed wonderfully and were great to work with.  Very professional, open to brainstorming ideas, and always worked hard to make sure they understood our vision.  In the end the product was an awesome mix of the best ideas from our merged teams and a solid delivery of the original design concept.  I'd love to work with them again.
Elan Lee
Chief Design Officer


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