Distinguishing a venture capital firm from their competitors.

CRV has been investing in early-stage startups for over 50 years, inspired by entrepreneurs who empower individuals and products that give people freedom in their daily lives.


After launching their website seven years ago, CRV noticed their site became harder to maintain and no longer centered around their core purpose—the founders. Their website and manifesto felt the same as other Venture Capital websites. It wasn't unique to them.

Working closely with the CRV team, we set out to update their website and showcase a modern, bold aesthetic that appeals to young entrepreneurs. Our goal was to differentiate CRV from other VC firms. We set up easy content management to give CRV complete control of their pages, copy, and imagery. 


We started with interviews designed to find the root of CRV's problems and found that they needed to feature the founders, not themselves. With clear goals, outcomes, and target audience, we pooled together our insights and conducted a kickoff to confirm requirements and site structure. Jumping into collaborative ideation sessions with CRV's branding partner Storyboard, we began to figure out how to reflect CRV's personality, boldness, and youth in the new website.

CRV's most important value is that they invest in founders who bring "Power to the People." We wanted to highlight that CRV empowers anyone and everyone to succeed at what they do. We made the story prevalent throughout the website by emphasizing these titles, bordering them with rectangular boxes, and contrasting them with the background. This treatment helps highlight and drive focus and attention to these words, showcasing their importance.


In the end, we delivered a bold, fresh site that is easily distinguishable from other venture capital firms. By providing easily updatable CMS access, CRV can control their website to match their needs and stay current for future changes. This allows CRV to remain relevant in an ever-evolving field and manage its presence as a leader in Venture Capital.

The new website showcases CRV's values through visual design by highlighting their entrepreneurs from page one. The reworked team section allowed us to show not only what each investor has invested in but who they are as individuals, showcasing their hobbies and diversity. These changes highlight the values that make CRV unique. You can read more about the team and the founders' stories now at


Tim Pacific
Jake Fowles
Matt Scribner
Art Director
Maja Barisic
Project Manager
Jess Anderson
Zack Sunderland

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