It's your data. Skyhigh aims to keep it that way.

Created to protect data in a cloud-first world, Skyhigh Security doesn’t use the same old approach to protecting data. They are among the first to recognize the cloud’s potential to protect businesses’ sensitive data. Managing your web and unifying your data policies is easier than ever to create and enforce with Skyhigh solutions. 

As a cybersecurity company, Skyhigh needed a brand that instills trust and confidence from its customers. Setting itself apart from its sister company, McAfee Enterprise, for the first time—Skyhigh was looking to distinguish itself as a leader. Underbelly partnered with them to expand their visual ecosystems and design their visual brand identity. 

Brand Strategy

With Skyhigh’s brand strategist, we created goals for the next 5-20 years. We dived into the why behind Skyhigh and fleshed out the company’s market positioning, competition, personas, and brand personality. Using this information, we build out several visual territories. Visual territories give us a greater sense of the path we want to take from an emotional and visual standpoint while still matching the brand’s goals.


The logo itself needed to accomplish a few goals. First and foremost, like all logos, it needed to be memorable. It also needed to speak to the comfort Skyhigh brings to its clients. We leaned into the idea of, “you’ve got this because we’ve got you." The logo needed to represent the journey of data while also representing a sense of protection of said journey. After logo designer Sumer Mavi and we explored several options, we landed on something that checked all those boxes.

The logo is bright with some softer edges. The hexagon container is a shield of protection, representing the six forms of protection Skyhigh Security protection methods. Also, as a bonus, it helps that it looks like an S.

Visual Language 

The primary mechanic for the visual language is based on the concept of chainmail. Chainmail is an armor made of metal rings linked together to protect knights from weapons. The idea of chainmail allowing movement and protection spoke to Skyhigh’s ability to adapt and secure their client’s information and data. Skyhigh still provides all of the base armor platings, protecting the user’s vitals, but chainmail would show that they provide additional layers of security — even in tricky areas. Utilizing the hexagon, we created a pattern we call the “Hexlink.”


Our goals were to help provide a vision to Skyhigh and empower them with the visual elements and guidelines to get them there. Skyhigh took everything we gave them and ran with it. Within weeks, they had their website live and a solid social media presence on Linkedin and Twitter. Seeing what Skyhigh accomplished with the branding work we provided was a success in our book. One of our greatest satisfactions is seeing our clients take the brand system we created, successfully apply it to their product, and positively impact their audience. 

Working with the Skyhigh team was a fantastic experience. They were never afraid to brainstorm, provide feedback, or listen to our insights. Seeing their enthusiasm and energy speaks to the future of their company. We’re certain the future looks bright for Skyhigh.


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Joe Johnson
Skyhigh Team

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