Creating a technology-forward identity without losing sight of a company’s faith-based mission.

Avodah came to us with a unique challenge. The company had been developing new technologies to accelerate Bible translation and their mission was the heart of their motivation, but what made their work possible was their innovative and tech-savvy skillset. They weren’t just a “Christian company,” so they needed a way to show the world what they were truly capable of.

How could we remove the stigma without removing the heart of the company, while also bringing advanced technologies into the spotlight? We began with visuals by exploring variations of the letter A’s triangular shape and its three sides to reflect Avodah’s three equally important meanings: work, worship, and service.

For the logo, we challenged our client to look beyond the human elements that were familiar and somewhat safe. It’s a delicate moment when you challenge a client with a broader lens, but we believe it’s our responsibility to do so when we know the best is yet to come.

Avodah came to us over a year ago to do the initial project for them to establish their brand. Since then, they have started to grow and are now going through rounds of investment as they develop their tech and grow their business. We were contacted once again to remove "labs" from their name, update the brand colors, flesh out their voice and tone, add some photo guidelines, and design a website to tell the story of who they are to their future investors.

One of our favorite things to do with any brand is create a set of secondary patterns and elements to help elevate the logo, so it doesn’t have to do all of the heavy lifting. Even the most brilliant star of any show needs a strong supporting cast to elevate the performance.

While exploring secondary elements with the mark, we realized the bell of the lowercase ‘a’ could be useful as a background element and ran with it. It served as a tasteful and organic complement to type and other elements.

One of the big needs for Avodah as they are meeting with investors is a branded deck template for them to use in those meetings. This is going to be one of the main vehicles for securing funding as they grow into various markets.

After creating an awesome brand that excited our client, we provided Avodah with a brand guide. At Underbelly, our brand creations are always accompanied by a brand guide, whether it’s super in-depth or more of a primer just to execute the basics. We know this support will help set our clients up for long-term success.

When the Avodah team had meetings with investors they also needed a set of business cards to hand out for those face to face moments. We set out to create business cards that represented the company, and act as a physical touch point to lead the brand at in-person meetings.

As their name is getting out in the world, having a place for future investors and markets who are interested in Avodah’s technology, it was important for them to have a place for investors to learn more about the technology, why Avodah exists, and where they’re going as an organization.

The Underbelly staff has been wonderful to work with. They work extremely fast, communicate quickly and effectively and are always very responsive. Not only that, but their work is of the highest quality, and I would recommend them 10/10 times to a friend.
Kristin Dodd
Operations Coordinator


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