Monstro’s Sammies

Creating a brand identity that's sure to make you crave a sandwich.

Every year at Underbelly we make a gift package to send to our clients and friends. It’s our way of showing our appreciation to the amazing people we collaborated with throughout the year. This time around we wanted to offer people something they would not expect from a digital design agency and have some fun in the process. After exploring many different concepts and styles, we landed on a direction that was just the right balance of weird, cool, and delicious.

We loved the idea of creating something funny and different to surprise and delight our clients. What if Underbelly were a rad sandwich shop that served funky food you would probably never want to eat? Monstro’s Sammies was born, named after our beloved whale mascot, Monstro.

We got to work building out the Monstro’s Sammies’ brand with all the sweetest swag a person could hope for—all delivered right to your door like it came from your new favorite lunch spot.

Throughout the planning process we came up with all kinds of ideas to bring Monstro’s Sammies to life. We landed on t-shirts wrapped in custom butcher paper like a hoagie, gift cards, bottle openers, enamel pins, stickers, and order forms all packaged up in a fully branded to-go box. As is the case with any project, we had to be mindful of time and budget while remaining true to our vision.

Through exhaustive vendor research, hard work and collaboration we created a cohesive experience that made a big impact on our clients. We even stayed true to our per-package budget! We were able to drive traffic back to our site by including a gift card for our online store, delivered in time for folks to complete some holiday shopping. People have been so stoked on their gifts that they have been approaching us to design custom packages for them. Sounds good to us! We are always happy to spread the love.

I received a package from you all. The swag for the sandwich company! THANK YOU!!! That was a lovely surprise. It made me want a sandwich. Super cute stuff too. Love the new look of the site.
Wendy Zenone
Technical Product Manager


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