If you’re looking for a great way to listen to your favorite podcasts, there’s no shortage of beautifully designed apps to pick from. However, if you want to share a meaningful podcast moment with someone you know will enjoy it, you’re generally left trying to awkwardly point that person to an entire episode. Parrot is a new app that lets you save your favorite clips from your favorite podcasts and share them effortlessly. With the launch of the app quickly approaching, Parrot needed a way to highlight what makes them different from every other podcast app. They hired us to do just that. 

The beauty of Parrot is its ability to capture the epiphanies and impactful moments you have while listening to a podcast, all while also being able to share them with the people you care about. Showing these moments in a convincing way, and highlighting how Parrot enhances these moments, was a challenge. We needed to craft a narrative that felt authentic and emotionally poignant while still focusing on the features of the app. This meant we had to nail an honest script, find the perfect talent, and capture authentic moments in order to succeed. 

The final product achieved our goals and exceeded the team’s expectations. The video is an emotional narrative that doesn’t sacrifice the value proposition or features of the app. It’s compelling, engaging and memorable. 

Keep an eye out for Parrot in the app store or visit their site below to join the waitlist.

I'm really pumped on the final video. The whole process was really fun and I think you guys did a stellar job. I really hope I can get another chance to work with you guys sometime.
Joshua Taylor
Founder & CEO


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