A partnership with a mission-driven medical startup that's redefining the medical industry through improved experiences and new technology.

The healthcare industry is primed for disruption, and to say that there is room for improvement is an understatement. Dealing with insurance is a familiar headache; doctors get burned out, and there’s a clear lack of incentives for primary care physicians to spend more time on building impactful relationships with their patients.

This medical startup based in San Francisco is challenging the status quo by building a new healthcare system from scratch. Their product is focused on better serving the needs of people, rather than the healthcare industry. They bypass the red tape and bureaucracy of insurance altogether to provide a much more personalized and holistic healthcare experience. Forward brings physicians, engineers and technology together to provide higher quality primary care at a lower cost to as many people as possible.

Forward is a revolutionary idea, listed as TIME Magazine’s best new tech of 2017, but the site wasn’t getting that point across. It didn’t tell potential clients what Forward does, how their memberships work and how they’re using technology in exciting, original ways to augment healthcare.

We were hired to collaborate with their internal team of designers and developers and redesign their website. Kicking off an accelerated design sprint at the Forward offices in San Francisco, we dove deep into becoming experts about their business and value propositions through a series of interviews and workshops.

At the end of the design sprint, we identified what information was missing or misplaced on their old website and discovered ways we could improve general understanding and engagement throughout. We took the key differentiators that set Forward apart from any other healthcare program available, and restructured the site to focus on those offerings. The result was a new model for the site’s features and pages that provide a deeper understanding of Forward and its services.

We also highlighted the interactive tools that make Forward stand out by employing high quality motion graphics to show how incredible and original this technology really is.

From the beginning, we wanted to give Forward a front-end that would fit both the needs of the design and customer flows. Their team had a history of working with React Boilerplate and React Bootstrap, so we continued to use these for their tech stack.

Forward’s engineers already had a robust system of customer flows and analytic tracking in place on their previous site. Using the tech stack that already fit their needs made it easy for their engineers to transfer their existing customer flows for becoming a member or booking a tour over to the new site. It also ensured that analytic tracking ported over seamlessly, so no data was lost in the process. And if they wanted to add landing pages in the future, their engineers will have a familiar setup to quickly build a new page.

We worked closely with their engineers through pull requests, code reviews, and recurring meetings. At times, it definitely felt like we were an extension of their team. We also made sure that with what we built, their team felt comfortable and confident going forward.

Clean Layout

We focused on crafting designs that feel open. Having a clean canvas with plenty of white space lets great images and videos tell Forward’s story by showcasing their modern offices, services, people and technology. Since the site focuses on high-quality photo and video content, our studio took photos of the advanced tools Forward sends their members home with to monitor their health. The result was a personable aesthetic that focuses on real people and the technology Forward provides that adds value to these people’s lives.


Keyla Rodriguez
Product Designer

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