Facebook 360

Powering Facebook's 360's innovative tools and interactive features with promotional content

Facebook 360 is a new way to capture photo and video content and turn it into an immersive experience. With the Facebook team rapidly adding features and tools to an already new product, they needed a more efficient and compelling way to show their audience how to get the most out of this innovative video method. We partnered with Facebook to quickly produce videos that helped their audience understand the new pool of resources made for creating and viewing Facebook 360 content.

We started by refining the message our videos would convey by creating rich storyboards. These detailed illustrations added clarity to the vision. They sped up the project and increased quality by allowing us to make multiple revisions to the story, composition and approach, all before even diving into production.

For the videos, we used our RED Weapon camera. Shooting at 6k resolution made it easy to capture the beautiful canyons in Utah with cinema image quality. Once we had all of the content we needed, we made rough edits and reviewed them with Facebook’s team. Our video experts added animations to highlight key points of the features we were showcasing. They then polished the film up with detail-intensive motion tracking corrections to make sure that everything was as it should be.

Working on a tight timeline, it took only two weeks for production for us to generate high quality video that was ready for an audience of millions. Smooth, crisp and cohesive narratives were quickly produced to uncover 360’s newest tools and added features, allowing Facebook to continue focusing on creating and improving products for tomorrow.


Matt Royce
Content Lead
Anthony Lagoon

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