Big Sky

Building a website showcasing the magic of Big Sky

The Big Sky Real Estate Company is one of the premier real estate firms in  Big Sky, Montana, representing buyers and sellers of land, homes, condominiums, and commercial properties in the region. For their website, they were noticing a high bounce rate on the landing page. After digging into why this was happening, they realized that visitors were expecting to find information about the Big Sky Montana area. Instead, they were given a real estate site.


BSRE Co. wanted to get people excited about the Big Sky area by converting their website into a lifestyle site designed to provide information about the area. The goal was to decrease the bounce rate for and have the site act as a cultural hub for the region. After showing the user everything Big Sky has to offer, they could connect the visitors to a separate real estate site, converting them into potential buyers. 


We started by running a few workshops to kick off the project and better understand the goals and customers. We decided to highlight the Big Sky culture to reduce the bounce rate and capture potential visitor emails. To ensure the site paths work for the target customer, we set up four personas - the second homeowner, the new resident, the winter recreationalist, and the seasonal worker. We used these personas as a baseline throughout the project. 

Once we produced a site map for better alignment and site structure, we started sketching and prototyping ideas for each page.

Through a series of feedback sessions coordinating with the Big Sky team, we were able to showcase the high-end, bold, and progressive tone of the Big Sky Real Estate Company throughout the site. The bold aesthetic helped drive focus to the Big Sky lifestyle and culture. By linking to the real estate site, we helped encourage and empower the user to take action towards a new life in Big Sky.

For all things Big Sky, whether you're looking for events, ideas for exploring nature, or deciding where to go to dinner, check out

We delivered a site that aligns with the BSRE Co. brand and visually highlights the culture and area of Big Sky, Montana. By emphasizing the different seasons and activities for the Big Sky area, we were able to attract interest and transfer visitors to the real estate site.


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