Creating a website that effectively translates a new brand identity and effectively communicates a vision.

RapidAPI is the universe's largest API marketplace, and their goal is to make it as easy as possible for developers to connect to the world's best APIs. With a library of over 10,000 APIs, developers can explore and utilize powerful products from companies like Uber, Microsoft, Twilio, and Google, as well as by smaller upstarts. To further cultivate an API culture, RapidAPI offers free ebooks, tutorials, and other resources to help developers understand and grow more comfortable with APIs.

RapidAPI brought on Saturday Studio to craft their new brand, who kindly recommended Underbelly as a partner to rethink and redesign their website to bring their values and the new brand to life. Developers would be redirected from their API library to their website so we were tasked to ensure the experience was both seamless and impressive.

RapidAPI had some specific goals in mind. They wanted a site that spoke to developers on their level and showcased Rapid's vast API library and how it could work within developer's existing processes. They also wanted to showcase the aesthetic of the new brand and make the website easily navigable so users could quickly access the relevant information.

Learning All We Can for a Solid Foundation

It started with a week of discovery where learned about the ins and outs of the company, brand principles, value propositions, and key user journeys and flows, then determine the content and calls to action for each page, and visual inspiration. With all this in hand we were able to build a comprehensive site and content map to get to work.

Working closely with the RapidAPI team we crafted and shipped a website that effectively translated the new brand identity and effectively told the story of their vision.

We wanted to make sure that visitors first impression of RapidAPI was a memorable one. Lots of color, delightful animations, and clear content - ensuring that RapidAPI's first touch point is a strong showing.

Creating an Empowering Modular System  

We created modular sections and reusable components that easily allowed customers to find the relevant information quickly and RapidAPI to create new pages easily within their CMS.

A Successful Launch with High Traffic

RapidAPI announced their new rebrand ahead of their sponsorship with the F1 Team AlphaTauri, driving significant traffic to the site. The redesigned site was well received and helped RapidAPI's new brand transition successfully.


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Tanya Thomas
Account Manager
Taylor Powers
Project Manager
Randal Topper
Director of Business Development

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