Cascade Dental

Sales & Service for the Wasatch Front

The Cascade Effect

Cascade Dental distributes high-quality dental equipment along with specialty services and maintenance. As the Salt Lake Valley continues to grow, the need for Dental services (and other medical specialists) increases with the population. Cascade Dental supports this fast-growing industry with innovative approaches and state-of-the-art technology. After 40+ years of operating as a small business, they were ready to expand. We worked together to reinvent their brand from the ground up and build them an easy-to-maintain website using Webflow.

Understanding the Project

A multi-disciplinary team from Underbelly kicked off the project by working with key stakeholders from Cascade Dental to learn all we could about the company, its goals, challenges, the market, and its customers. To expedite the process, we did a series of exercises to get aligned on the attributes and visual territory of the brand. Together we identified the structure and features of the website both for version one and well into the future.

Building the Brand

We explored various themes and styles before landing on a brand direction that struck the right balance. We wanted designs to feel experienced yet innovative, bold yet personable, and calm yet impactful. The logo design is a geometric and industrial abstraction of the initials CD, and a conceptual rendering of water cascading from one level to another.  To further support the brand, we established a rich color palette, contemporary typeface, and custom pattern to be used as part of the more extensive design system. We created a cohesive visual language reinforcing Cascade’s short and long-term goals.

Website Design

With the brand styles in place, we set out to create a website for Cascade Dental. The website was our opportunity to establish the new brand. The site's primary goal was to drive traffic to the contact form. To accomplish this, we needed to communicate who Cascade is, what they offer, and why that is valuable. We paved the way for inevitable expansion by providing a road map for future iterations of the site beyond version one.

Building the Site Using Webflow

With flexible templates and a myriad of thoughtful interactions available, we were able to quickly create a unique and performant site using Webflow. Webflow’s intuitive CMS and interface make it easy for the team at Cascade to update and maintain the site after handoff.


Our partnership with Cascade Dental produced a thoughtful brand identity and a beautiful site. This has enabled them to create a strong web presence and grow their business. Our friends at Cascade are poised to see rapid expansion as the local population increases. With a distinct brand and easy-to-maintain website, they should have no problem scaling to meet the next stage of their business growth.


Matt Scribner
Art Director
Drew Taylor
Brad Edwards
Taylor Powers
Project Manager

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