Vivint Internet

Building a website to educate and excite people.

Vivint Internet wants to bring truly wireless mesh internet to your neighborhood. As one of the first companies to offer such a unique service, they needed to find a simple way to educate and excite people. Vivint Internet needed to spread the word and asked us to help them build their marketing website. We were excited to dive in, learn more about their wireless mesh technology, and build a website that could succinctly explain their complicated tech.

Vivint was revamping its internet services and needed a marketing website that would educate consumers about their new internet product. Our team was contacted to redesign their website in order to communicate the key differentiation that Vivint Internet offers its customers and design a more effective funnel for capturing new leads. Underbelly also provided a content strategy to ensure the content on the website would effectively communicate their key differentiators. 

The first step—as with any project—was to understand the problem. We ran a condensed sprint to kick off the project, audited their existing marketing materials. Once we were able to understand how their mesh technology worked, our next step was to communicate it to the masses. We decided to take a complicated and unique internet service and distill it into a very consumable, 3-part illustration to showcase and map out each step for the end-user. 

Although much of the brand had already been established by Vivint, Vivint Internet wasn’t able to utilize the imagery, iconography, or assets from the parent brand. This gave us plenty of room to explore, create unique illustrations, and take custom photography for Vivint Internet. We utilized our in-house content team to elevate their brand messaging instead of using stock photos, and we were able to take photos that told Vivint Internet’s compelling story.

In the end, we were able to deliver what they needed most: a way to effectively capture leads. We wanted the website to excite people about Vivint Internet but more importantly, create a means to capture information for Vivint Internet to follow up on. In the face of small surprises, we remained flexible throughout the project and presented various solutions that we could execute for their team with the new given guidelines and goals. To meet project timelines we needed to be very strategic about design to ensure it aligns with the project development goals. We built a form that allows the Vivint sales team to follow up with the user, to determine if they qualify for Vivint Internet, and then get them set up with the right plan. The form was an exciting element on the site, it gave us the opportunity of finding creative ways to capture information, to provide address typeahead and with work Airtable in addition to the Vivint built API. Collaborating with our clients development team is always exciting on both ends as us allows us an inside peek into the clients development methods.

We believe that every website needs to have rules in order to stay cohesive and to scale with future changes and iterations without needing our direct input. Using Sketch, we built out a small component library, grid system, spacing system, and type scale. By having all these rules established and accessible, we are confident that the Vivint Internet website can continue to evolve while still looking intentional. This component library also came in handy as we passed off to development, saving valuable time and resources so that they were able to reference those same guidelines throughout production. 

Despite the short timeline, we were able to create a system that could recycle its components in unique ways to stay fresh and interesting. Having a few flexible components also sped up development time, helping Vivint Internet reach their goals on time and making the most of our partnership together. 

Vivint Internet was excited to launch their new marketing website. In an effort to increase awareness, they also sent out a press release at launch. We were there to help support the launch by providing website updates and enhancements as the client saw fit. Quickly after the launch, Vivint with the support of Underbelly launched About and Newsroom pages to showcase the Vivint team and help new visitors gain insight into their offering.  We are excited to continue to support and watch as the Vivint Internet website scales up and their business grows. We are pleased that we were also able to build a strong relationship with their team after our partnership together.


Scott Jones
Product Designer
Paige Willey
Maja Barisic
Project Manager
Hadleigh Arnst
Director of Content

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