WestX Video

Promotional content for a two-day ultra gravel race that stretches Utah’s west desert.

WestX is an Ultra Gravel bicycle race where single riders travel alone from Almo, Idaho south through the west desert of Utah, all the way down to Beaver Dam, Arizona. This is the first year of what they are hoping to turn into an annual event. The WestX crew approached us to create a video that could easily generate buzz around the race. We worked with them to create a video that captures what sets WestX apart from every other bike racing event: a path that’s harsh, unforgiving, and juxtaposed against the beauty of being alone in Utah’s solitary west desert.

The WestX course takes a total of two full days to ride from start to finish. We set out in our best 4-wheel-drive setup and followed them for a day as they biked the course so we could capture the unique challenges this event offers its participants. Starting in the freshly snow-covered town of Almo, we followed the WestX team south and captured each unique aspect in stunning, high-res 4k. The bumpy, dirt-covered roads are extremely challenging for cyclists, which meant rigging the Red Weapon camera (and in some cases, the crew) out the window of our truck to get the perfect shots.

We wanted the style of the video to accurately portray the gritty, arcadian feel of the wild west while also highlighting the emotion of conquering the elements with nothing but your own resolve. We focused on one, lone rider instead of crowds of participants to achieve this. The choice of talent for the voice-over helped to cement the tone of the event into the desert painted landscape. The result is a persuasively alluring narrative that sets WestX apart from any other cycling event in the world.

The WestX crew was a blast to work with and the video was exactly what they were looking for to help generate hype for it’s inaugural event. Keep an eye out for more details on WestX Ultra Gravel race happening Spring 2018. And perhaps you can even sign up to get a true taste of Utah’s solitary desert landscape!

Appreciate the great collaboration and the results, excited to share this video with potential participants.
Jay Fichialos
Race Founder/Organizer


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