Redefining a PR company's virtual presence.

Creating a first impression

CMAND (Command) is a prominent public relations company that primarily serves venture capital (VC) firms and startups operating in the financial industry.

Our collaboration with CMAND stemmed from a recommendation by Innovation Endeavors, a previous client for whom we had designed their website and various collateral materials.

For CMAND, this partnership represented an exceptional opportunity to revamp their online presence. They had a clear and uncomplicated objective in mind: the creation of a website that would make a bold impression on potential clients.

When it comes to website redesign, we follow a systematic approach to ensure that our design decisions are strategic, and we can evaluate key performance indicators (KPIs) against those decisions. However, our initial meeting with CMAND during the project kickoff presented a unique challenge. Unlike our typical in-depth exploration of user behavior, the desired user actions, site analytics, and user journeys, we had to deviate from our standard approach. Instead, we delved deep into understanding CMAND's day-to-day business model. As we gained a comprehensive understanding of their operations, it became clear that CMAND's website functioned more as a digital business card than a sales or marketing tool.


Our project approach aimed to create a design that was not only visually captivating but also presented clear messaging while ensuring ease of navigation on the website. CMAND, appreciating the vision we had in mind, granted us creative freedom throughout the process.

When it came to discussing the visual style during our meetings, we found ourselves on the same page right from the beginning. We collectively agreed to incorporate currency-themed design elements, which complemented CMAND's tech-savvy logo exceptionally well.

Despite our shared enthusiasm and alignment, we did face some limitations, primarily in terms of budget and time. As is our practice with every project we undertake, we remained committed to delivering the best design possible while identifying areas of potential improvement for the client. In this case, beyond the core aspects of designing and developing the website, we were able to expand the project scope to include the incorporation of animations, such as the loader and a dark/light mode feature.

Developing in Webflow

For many of our marketing websites, we've incorporated Webflow into our workflow. This approach has allowed us to swiftly progress from design to development and finally to the launch phase. The most significant advantage of this method is our ability to create a Content Management System (CMS) for our websites. When developing a website, our primary objective is to ensure that our clients can easily update their content. This not only adds value by showcasing the continual updates on their sites, thus improving SEO rankings, but it also empowers our clients to take ownership of their websites.

In the case of CMAND, we ensured they were well-equipped to update their content. Being a PR company, CMAND frequently features different companies in the media. With the CMS we've provided, anyone on the CMAND team can effortlessly update the articles they wish to feature on the site


We delivered our client a website which they were pumped for and excited to launch. 

We made sure to set up a Content Management System (CMS) for CMAND, ensuring that the client could effortlessly add or modify content whenever required. Additionally, we designed and built a series of versatile components that would facilitate the expansion of the website when the need arises.

Our client's satisfaction was so profound that CMAND approached us with an additional request. They were so pleased with the outcomes of our work that they asked us to extend the visual style of the website to all their presentations and documents.


Zach Thesier
Product Designer
Jonathan Vergara
Product Designer

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