Projects related to


PHH (Presbyterian Hospitality House)

Fostering a brighter, safer future for Alaskan youth

Sparked Branding

Creating a brand for Meta's New Product Experimentation.


Creating a website that effectively translates a new brand identity and effectively communicates a vision.


It's your data. Skyhigh aims to keep it that way.

Cascade Dental

Sales & Service for the Wasatch Front

Better Together

Making things better together with Facebook for their Local Engineer Summit.

Monstro’s Sammies

Creating a brand identity that's sure to make you crave a sandwich.

Spring Drop-In

Building a shared community experience

Curl Co. Product Photography

Creating unique product photography for a boutique salon’s online store.


Creating a product to make life easier for real estate agents.

SLC Client Gift

Every year we get together as a design team to produce a special gift for our amazing clients.

Front Conference

Building a brand identity for a product management and product design conference.


Creating a technology-forward identity without losing sight of a company’s faith-based mission.

Trellis Rx

An in-depth brand and website created to take a company from a business concept to reality.

Day One Brand

Improving and unifying the clean brand of the world's best journaling app for Mac and iOS.

Facebook Local Team

Creating a simple but comprehensive brand that could grow alongside one of Facebook's largest internal teams.

Honeycomb Bakery

Defining and executing a brand identity for a local bakery

Morph 3D

Crafting a two new brand identities for companies in the digital world of 3D art.


Product strategy, design, and development for an app for people to share the products they love and get paid for it.


Visual exploration and illustration to create a simple and friendly mark that successfully represents an already thriving brand.


A brand refresh and new web app to refine their identity and more clearly communicate what they do to a large audience.