Projects related to


Big Sky

Building a website showcasing the magic of Big Sky

National Geographic

Shooting 360 content, video and photography at some of the nations greatest national parks.

Monstro’s Sammies

Creating a brand identity that's sure to make you crave a sandwich.

DPS Skis

Documenting how the Utah outdoor community came together during the pandemic.


Reimagining Smilelove with refreshed photography and video content.

Vivint Internet

Building a website to educate and excite people.

Laughlin, NV Content

Rebranding Laughlin, NV with updated TV spots, videos, cinemagraphs and photography.

Sandbox VR Photography

Branded photography to accompany the launch of their new website

Citi Bike

Promote NYC’s bike share program by capturing the unique moments people can have on a Citi Bike and creating neighborhood travelogues.


A series of unique cinemagraphs to promote Chatbooks’ seasonal books and launch their brand new holiday card products

Facebook Surveys

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.


A partnership with a mission-driven medical startup that's redefining the medical industry through improved experiences and new technology.

Parrot App

A promotional video displaying the features of a new social podcast listener app.

Facebook 360

Powering Facebook's 360's innovative tools and interactive features with promotional content


Product strategy, design, and development for an app for people to share the products they love and get paid for it.