Projects related to


Facebook Ads COVID Stickers

Helping small businesses better serve their customers during COVID-19 and beyond.

Facebook Creator Studio

Helping Facebook create a narrative around insights by building tools to help users better understand their data.

Facebook Lead Ads

Improving the quality of leads gathered from Facebook ads and making it easier to follow up on them.

Facebook Services

Improving the user experience of the Facebook Services product.

Facebook Movies

Designing a product from the ground up with Facebook.

Citi Bike

Promote NYC’s bike share program by capturing the unique moments people can have on a Citi Bike and creating neighborhood travelogues.

Facebook Surveys

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.

Facebook Ads Manager

Improving the Facebook Ad Manager platform by working with cross-functional teams to help businesses create and manage their ads.

Facebook Local Team

Creating a simple but comprehensive brand that could grow alongside one of Facebook's largest internal teams.


Increasing user interaction with a new app experience