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Helping Facebook create a narrative around insights by building tools to help users better understand their data.

In order for content creators and publishers to be successful, they need an organized and meaningful way to understand how their content is performing across Facebook. With numerous insights to understand and several tools to do so, users can often feel overwhelmed. 

Creator Studio is quickly becoming the go-to tool to manage, measure, and monetize page content across Facebook and Instagram. 

Needing help to improve the analytics that are available in Creator Studio in order to create actionable workflows, emphasize education, and help users achieve data-driven results, Facebook reached out to us.

Because Facebook handles multiple types of rich content besides just video they needed a system that could scale to include those content types in the future. Additionally, because of the cross-posting abilities of Facebook, there needed to be a clear delineation between “post” and “asset” level content management and their corresponding analytics.

Understanding analytics data is no easy task, so we worked closely with the team to quickly gain an understanding of the various insights we had access to, and how to understand them. Updating Creator Studio’s Asset Dialogue to a fully rich experience was the logical first step. We were able to work closely with Facebook’s data analysts, developers, and researchers to ramp up quickly and build a working prototype. Working with the team’s researchers, we were able to test our prototype with users to further explore how the updated experience would be utilized.

We were able to use these research sessions to iterate on design hierarchy and on-boarding to solve the unique problems that Facebook was running into. Giving insights more space and an updated design helped add clarity to their meaning. We worked with Facebook to clean up language, hierarchy, and workflows. It was important to us to make sure that insights were not only easy to understand but actionable. If there was something a creator could be doing to improve their performance, we wanted to make sure they could take that step. Color and system architecture helped users better understand the content level that they were viewing.


McKay Mattingly
Product Designer
CPX and Insights Team
Internal Team

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