Projects related to

Product Design

Square Product Design

Helping Square design tools for sellers to manage risk and stay on top of their business.

Neighborhoods By Facebook

Building a product with Facebook to help people connect and build relationships with their neighbors.


Crafting a user experience dedicated to helping couples feel connected.

Facebook Creator Studio

Helping Facebook create a narrative around insights by building tools to help users better understand their data.

Facebook Lead Ads

Improving the quality of leads gathered from Facebook ads and making it easier to follow up on them.

Cord App

Creating a powerful project management tool for a global effort.


Creating a product to make life easier for real estate agents.

Seed Company

A dashboard to help representatives send progress reports more easily and frequently.

Facebook Surveys

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.

Facebook Ads Manager

Improving the Facebook Ad Manager platform by working with cross-functional teams to help businesses create and manage their ads.