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What could you pull off if you had an amazing product design team in your back pocket?

Underbelly is a tight group of designers, developers, and filmmakers that partner with companies to design engaging brands, promote products, and develop web and mobile apps that millions of people use every day. We work with companies ranging from small startups to large fortune 500 companies like Facebook, Netflix & Boosted Boards.

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Hand-picked case studies

Streamlining a personalized home insurance experience with Next.JS

Insurance Web Application

Crafting a user experience dedicated to helping couples feel connected.


Improving the quality of leads gathered from Facebook ads and making it easier to follow up on them.

Facebook Lead Ads

Designing a product from the ground up with Facebook.

Facebook Movies

Creating a product to make life easier for real estate agents.


A dashboard to help representatives send progress reports more easily and frequently.

Seed Company

Building more enjoyable and insightful connections between consumers and advertisers.

Facebook Surveys

A companion app for XBOX Originals Entertainment.

XBOX Time Shifted Comments

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We offer a range of creative services


Designing meaningful experiences

Underbelly specializes in product design. Our work ranges from standing up singular products to multi-year engagements as embedded members of various product teams.

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We're excited to to start working with you! Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions.
Anthony Lagoon


I worked with Underbelly on a complex project involving rapid iteration and a complex design.  They performed wonderfully and were great to work with.  Very professional, open to brainstorming ideas, and always worked hard to make sure they understood our vision.  In the end the product was an awesome mix of the best ideas from our merged teams and a solid delivery of the original design concept.  I'd love to work with them again.
Elan Lee
They’re professionals — of all the agencies we’ve worked with, they’re in the top 1%
Jacob Esparza
This is the only design shop I’ve worked with that has been able to shed the agency/client dynamic enough to help drive a real dual-track discovery and development approach to building software.
Mark Parrett
Over the course of Underbelly’s relationship with Facebook, they’ve demonstrated their ability to work with every role on a core product team, get up to speed on the context and problem, and provide value as soon as they start. They are one of our most trusted partners when we need to augment our team with additional resources.
Jessica Watson
Proxy has simply eliminated 90% of the time that I set aside for scheduling showings. It has made it such an easy process. I absolutely love it.
Ross Patterson
Utah Real Estate
I felt entirely at ease working with Underbelly from the very first conversation until the end delivery, which is a testament to their relationship-first approach and personal touch. Throughout the project, they were incredibly responsive, empathetic and collaborative. Moreover, we’re thrilled with the final assets!
Vince Lau

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Common Questions
Why start with a discovery sprint?

By starting with a discovery sprint, you can decrease your risk and get early validation for your product. During the sprint, we decide what to test, how we're going to test it, and then run a handful of interviews to validate our assumptions. You gain invaluable insights into the mind of your customers in a brief timeframe.

What do I get from a discovery sprint?

You'll get a tested prototype, user feedback from real people, clarity on what an MVP should be, and a prioritized roadmap.

How detailed will the prototype be?

A sprint prototype is a facade of the experience you have envisioned in the sketch phase. The prototype will be real enough to get an authentic response from a potential user in the validation phase. It can also be useful when communicating the idea to stakeholders or people outside of this initial research.

What if I need to cancel the discovery sprint?

If for some reason you need to terminate this agreement, you must provide at least two weeks’ notice before the first day of the Discovery. Please note that if terminated early, you will be responsible for fees, costs, labor, and reimbursable expenses UB incurred up to the effective date of the termination. For further explanation, see section three (3) of the Professional Services Agreement.

Do I really need a discovery sprint?

Together, in just one week, we will uncover opportunities, quickly design, prototype, and validate your ideas with real people. In the end, we will have an action plan to push your idea further. These Sprints allow you and our team to test ideas with as little investment as possible to find if people want what you offer before you even build it.

How soon can we start?

Project start dates are set once the agreements are signed and initial payments

are received. Our typical kickoff is about 3 weeks out from signed contracts. Reach out for current availability.