Website design and supportive illustrations for cloud-based fintech company.

DeMARK has been helping industry professionals improve their marketing timing and strategy for over 25 years with their DeMARK indicator library. Their unique methodologies are versatile and can applied across any asset class, region, time interval, and data set, assisting with idea generation, position sizing, portfolio construction, and risk management. As market timing and analytics leaders, they are trusted by the most respected global financial firms, funds, and figures.

Custom Illustrations

Launching a new product is exciting, and Symbolik needed a website that keeps the momentum of a new product going and gets people excited. We focused the site illustrations on the people, the product's end users. We wanted to visualize what could be accomplished with this product. In addition, we incorporated abstract data illustrations across the website.

Website Design

DeMARK has been testing its new product, Symbolik, with a closed group of users. DeMARK approached Underbelly with a clear goal—to create a marketing website to educate prospects about Symbolik’s key value propositions as they will release the product to a larger group of users in Q1 of next year. To do this, we developed a simple, straightforward visual design that leveraged custom brand illustrations and an intuitive open layout and experience.


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