What’s In Your Bag, Drew?

You can learn a lot about someone by what’s in their bag. This month, developer Drew Delianides reveals why analog tools are still key to his software-based job.

Timbuk2 Parker Commuter Backpack

I’ve had many laptop bags and backpacks over the years but this bag is by far the best one. I have plenty of pockets for the things I need daily without feeling too bulky. Most of the clasps and pockets are magnetically closed which makes things easy to get out when needed.


Gunnar Blue Wave Gaming Glasses

For working at my desk. I found that I sleep better and am less prone to headaches at the end of the day when I wear them.

drew laptop

15” MacBook Pro

A mobile workhorse that has enough storage where I don’t have to worry about free space. I’ve been a Mac guy for years now and can’t imagine using anything else.


Studio Neat Panobook

Even though most of what I do is in the digital medium, I still prefer many analog methods for problem-solving. These notebooks are perfect for sitting in front of or behind the keyboard. The paper has a dot grid and can handle pencil and ink really well. They even have markings on the page for the horizontal and vertical middle. The Panobook also comes with a slipcover that helps with archiving your notebooks when you’re finished with them. I use a binder clip to prevent the Panobook from splaying like a deck of cards.

Baron Fig Confidant

I primarily use these notebooks for journaling but they could be used for any purpose. They are also in dot grid (my favorite) and come in many different colors. The cloth cover gives them a “real book” type feel which I appreciate and they also lay flat.

Field Notes

Field Notes

My favorite pocket notebooks. Decent paper and strong cover that lasts long enough in the notebook caddy. Plus they release quarterly editions in fun variants of their main notebook offerings. I usually find a fun sticker to put on the cover so I can reference the notebook later if I needed to look something up. Typically these are helpful for making quick sketches or meeting notes.


Karas Kustom EDK

Brass pen that has a good weight and takes a Schmidt P8126 refill. This refill really is the best for daily use because it doesn’t bleed or smear when writing hard or fast.


Nock Co Tallulah

Simple pen case that carries two pens or pencils. Right now I have two Sailor fountain pens in the rotation. For me, writing with a fountain pen is far superior to any other type of pen especially for journaling or letter writing... You also have a much larger selection of ink colors and types. Most people pass over fountain pens because they look strange or they’re really expensive. However, you can get a decent fountain pen these days for under $20. I can’t recommend them enough.


For sketching I typically prefer pencil. Most of the pencils in my case are Blackwings. They come in many different colors and graphite cores ranging from hard to soft. Different core types will perform better for different circumstances. Softer cores tend to be darker but harder cores stay sharp longer.


Hitch and Timber Notebook Caddy

I don’t like carrying a wallet (or keys). For the longest time, I kept my ID and credit cards in a wallet phone case but I always found that I liked writing things down rather than typing them out on my phone. This leather notebook holder holds several credit cards, a notebook, and a pen. I never leave home without it.



What can I say? Probably one of the best things Apple has made in many years. When you take them out of your ears whatever you’re listening to pauses until you put them back in. I also love that you can use them on all of your Apple devices, even the Apple TV.


Bose QC35 Headphones

My daily desk headphones—what I typically wear because they’re noise canceling. However, this also means I miss people talking to me sometimes.


Anker Portable Battery Charger

Something I keep in my pack in case my phone dies. Helpful while traveling or at conferences.


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