Utah Outdoor Community Creates Face Shields and Jobs During Covid-19

When we heard that our good friends at DPS - an SLC company that makes skis just a few blocks away from Underbelly - had been reinventing themselves to avoid possible layoffs or closure due to COVID-19; we were compelled to tell their story.

Their tenacity, innovation and the way they tapped into the Utah outdoor industry and community was inspiring. They took tools, skills and labor and redirected it from skis to medical face shields in a matter of weeks. It's an awesome example of what people can do to problem solve design challenges and contribute to society at the same time. The support they got from the local industry - Goal Zero, Petzl and Wasatch Container - is a testament to the Utah business community and the idea that working together makes each one us stronger. So we threw on masks and gloves and went to DPS to film their work and interview their workers. Amazing, inspiring group of people working towards helping the most incredible group of all - healthcare workers. We are happy to share their story.

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