Wildlife Illustration in Our Common Space

Moving into our new studio was like buying a blank canvas. With all the open wall space, we wanted to be sure and fill it with inspiring pieces. We began with this large mural that tells the story of the vast diversity of landscapes and species that inhabit our home state. The mural shows each animal placed over an abstracted pattern that represents their environment. It not only represents the home of Underbelly, but inspires everyone who passes by with its colorful and intentional illustrations.

We installed this mural in the common space where we knew it would make a big impact for us and for visitors to the studio. We host events, hold company meetings, eat lunch, and enjoy good hangs with this vibrant design as our backdrop. Brad, our resident Illustrator Extraordinaire, lead this particular project. You can learn more about the process and concept behind the work in this video interview with the artist.

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