Project Management

The Project Management Manifesto

For years, all of our project management documentation was being saved in a Google Drive folder with no clear identifier on when to use the document and why you would use it, leading to wasted effort. In 2020, we created the Project Management Manifesto, which housed all of our documentation, process and overview points in a single document. This has allowed us to have a clear understanding of what we need to do to be successful. 

Now a year into using the manifesto, we have been able to quickly identify opportunities and train team members on our way of work. Here are the key areas we would recommend having in your project management manifesto. 

- Project Management Level of Expectations 

- Project Management Methodology Review

- Project Roles and Responsibilities

- Definition of a Project 

- Project Type Processes 

- Continuous Improvement Efforts 

- Annual Departmental Goals

- Growing the Team

Not only does a manifesto allow your team to connect on a shared set of values, it also is a great first place to go when you are looking to learn something new or need help identifying next steps in a process. Project management is all about process and efficiency, so our manifesto includes countless templates which allow our project managers to quickly send an email, prepare for a kickoff meeting or identify project scope and risks. 

The area of the manifesto that is most referenced is the Project Process section. At Underbelly, we have a core set of project types we focus on and each of these project types has a detailed process with their own templates, best practices and guidelines. At the beginning of each year we run through a value stream mapping activity to identify any gaps and determine where our focus should be for the year. In the past we have seen these opportunities drive us to get our PMP certification or attend Lean sustainability classes to better support our internal and external partners. 

Not only can a manifesto connect your team through shared values and work principles, it will also translate throughout your organization and positively impact your clients. We recommend creating your own manifesto as a way to organize your processes and find new opportunities. Just don’t forget to reflect on it frequently to make sure it's always up to date and growing. 

Here are our quick tips for implementing your own manifesto 

- Think through what your team values are and why do you measure quality the way you do.

- Identify how many different projects you have and do they all have a different process.

- Determine how you plan to grow your professional skill set and the team. 

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