Summer Drop-In

Good food and drinks are great, but it’s the company that we love most. Underbelly recently moved into a new creative space, right across the street from our previous studio, and we’ve been itching to show it off. This move gave us the opportunity to not only effectively create more and collaborate with one another, but to serve as a location to host events and workshops for the design and development community we hold so dear.

Underbelly Mob Cycle Salt Lake City

Finally having been moved into the new Underbelly studio, we wanted to bring the design community together for good times, great food, and the opportunity to network with even better company. With summertime right around the corner, we thought it would be great to celebrate the change in seasons, get to know the design community and mingle with other creatives. The Front Conference being earlier that same day gave us a chance to catch up with both Salt Lake City locals and our friends from out of town.

Smash Bros Tournament on Google Jamboard in SLC UT

Everybody loves Smash Bros, right? We aren’t sure if this is the intended use for a Google Jamboard, but it worked perfectly for us to spin up some friendly competition between creatives all evening long.

Foosball aka carefully guarded secret to our culture

Folks often ask what makes Underbelly’s work so great. The secret sauce is a carefully guarded secret, but we will tell you that it involves tiny people attached to metal rods kicking a small, white ball. Foosball is an Underbelly favorite, an integral part of our company, and we loved mingling with the community over friendly games of foos.

Dribbble SWAG Dribbble Hang Time New York

Thank you to Dribbble for providing us with SWAG and merchandise for the event, and for partnering with us for other events, such as Hang Time in New York the same evening. We would also like to shout out the Salt Lake City chapter of AIGA for sharing and promoting the Summer Drop-In and Denik for providing their incredible notebooks as giveaways as well. We love what they’re doing with custom notebooks and schools in developing countries.

Delicious Meat and Cheese

We love to host creative events and workshops here at Underbelly. Recently, we had the opportunity to celebrate women in the workplace with a “Women Who Code” workshop. If there is a creative event or workshop that you’d like to partner up and discuss together, let’s chat.

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