Recognition at Underbelly

Our employees are our greatest asset and we believe the stronger our teams, the better our outcome. At Underbelly we are always looking for ways to grow our recognition efforts because we want to make sure our teams understand how appreciated they are. Here are a few things we do to celebrate all our team members.

Your first day at work sets the tone for the rest of your tenure. Every new employee gets greeted by a welcome breakfast the entire company joins and we use this time to get to know each other and make the new employee feel welcome.

Throughout the month we recognize each other using Lattice, our recognition and 1:1 portal. We make sure that all recognition is shared through a highly visited Slack channel so everyone can see the great work others are doing.

We believe our core values are a large part of who we are. We recognize one of our employees each month as Employee of the Month. We named this particular recognition effort “Pause for Applause” and the recipient is given a gift card of their choice to celebrate. We also gather together as others share their experiences with this employee and the impact they have made.

Celebrating our employees’ tenure has become a really big part of our culture. Each anniversary year we gather as a group to celebrate the employee, share kind words and reflect on the impact the employee has made. This celebration also calls for a gift card of their choosing!

We believe recognizing our employees will continue to grow our culture and increase the quality of the work we produce. The stronger our team, the stronger our collaboration.

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