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Project Management Onboarding Tips

It seems that many organizations are growing and hiring project managers to support their growing business. Onboarding new employees can be challenging, time consuming and at times, even scary. You want to make sure your new employee has the time, attention and information needed to be successful and enjoy their new role. 

Knowing it can take up to six months to fully grasp a new role, we have developed a detailed plan for the employees' first three months. We hope that if we give our new employees the attention and support needed in the first few months it will allow them to grow stronger the next three months. 

Prior to their first day, we compile all of the onboarding goals, details and agendas into a slide deck to share with the new hire. Sharing these with them before they start allows them to have a better understanding of what they are walking into. 

We recommend having a very detailed plan for day one which allows the new hire to meet their peers, department heads and better understand the company and its goals. 

Following the first day we jump into team specific details, we review our onboarding guide in detail and schedule the needed meetings to ensure the new hire is always taken care of. 

In addition to providing onboarding guidelines, we also share what our goals are for the new hire during each month and encourage them to create their own goals, allowing us to have a shared vision of understanding what success looks like while they are learning. 

We recommend focusing on the following three areas the first three months to ensure the new hire has the needed knowledge and direction: Learning, Contributing and Taking Initiative. Each section should cover the strategy, process and personal goals for the month. We hope that these three core areas will give you the opportunity to create an impactful onboarding experience for your new hires. 

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