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Managing Your To-Do List When It Seems Like It Will Never End

Have you ever taken a look at your ever-growing to-do list and felt so overwhelmed that you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, so have we. When items, big or small, keep piling onto your list, it can seem impossible to accomplish everything. When that happens, it can generate a considerable amount of stress and anxiety. Here are a few things we do when we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed: 

1. Take a breath, drink some water, and stop spiraling for a moment. It’ll be ok.

2. Look at your list and organize it by priority. What absolutely needs to be done today, and what can wait for tomorrow? 

3. Focus on doing just ONE thing at a time. This can be difficult as bouncing between tasks could feel more productive. However, giving your full attention to one task will make sure it’s done correctly and can be a time saver.

4. Cross things off as you go or make follow up notes as needed. Moving items off your list and out of your brain will free up your bandwidth, while also making sure you have any information you’ll need later.

5. For bigger to-do’s, add those to a different place than your day-to-day list. Keeping those on when you know you’re not going to accomplish them that day can honestly feel discouraging. Having them in a dedicated place will make sure they get their own TLC. 

And voila! You’ve crossed all things off and made it through your list. Tackling a to-do list can be daunting, but working through it diligently and intentionally will keep you on track and save your sanity. 

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