Just a Small Virtual Conference

One of our core values here at Underbelly is “Make a Positive Impact”. We want to do that not only inside our walls with each other, but with everyone we come across outside our walls. Internally, we have education stipends, conference budgets and regular workshops to encourage growth in each other so we are each equipped to positively impact those around us. Outside of our walls, we volunteer as a team with the American Red Cross, the IRC and the VOA. We also wanted to do something just a bit more unique this quarter that combined our passion for internal and external impact. 

With our world still in a state of caution because of the pandemic, we landed on hosting a small virtual conference. We want to create a place that creatives from everywhere can easily come together and learn from leaders in our industry! Not just leaders who are killing it in their skill game, but leaders who are using their artistry to positively impact the world. 

This virtual event is free to anyone who would like to attend and is this coming Friday, May 14th from 1:00pm–4:15pm MST. Whether you’re just starting your creative journey or hoping to improve on existing practices, we’ll have speaker sessions and discussions for all. [Join us]( to learn how to develop and/or use your existing skills to make a positive impact in this turbulent world. 

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