Why It’s Good to Get Out and Play

The crew at Underbelly loves to take advantage of the beautiful state we live in. In less than an hour's drive, there are so many activities you can experience from hiking, boating, biking, rock climbing; the list goes on. This year’s summer retreat took us to one of our favorite places to get out on the water and camp, Pineview Reservoir in Ogden canyon.

“We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” — George Bernard Shaw

We believe that we should work hard and also play hard. It’s really easy to get in the rut of working and not taking the necessary time out to play. I was reminded why it’s so good to get out after camping and being on the water for a few days.

Summer Retreat Underbelly 2019

Experiencing Something New

Play gives us the chance to experience something new, whether it be a new board game or learning how to snowboard. On this trip, the Underbelly crew was able to get out and wake surf! For most, they went from not ever doing it, to being able to get up and ride on the wave. It was so rad to see how stoked everyone was getting seeing one another accomplish this.

It Builds Relationships

These types of experiences also help build relationships. Being able to cheer for each other and see one another accomplish getting up on the wave was rad. Simply getting away from the normal pace of life gives us the chance to get to know those around us in a different light, have more in-depth conversations, and learn things about each other that we might not have known before... Like finding out that we have a really amazing wakeboarder in the building coughs Craig.

Get Creative

Helps Reduce Stress

Getting out and taking time to relax does wonders for our brains. It helps us deal with stress better in the long term. We also tend to let our guard down and we laugh more, which helps us deal with stress more positively. Then, of course, smores, conversations, scary stories, acoustic songs all around the fire at the end of the day to help relax for the remainder of the day.

Being Outdoors Sparks Creativity

Almost every time I get in a creative rut, getting out and playing is what helps me solve for a better solution to any problem I am facing. Looking at the texture of the trees, the array of color as the sun scatters light across the water at sunset, and soaking in the light from the stars in the darkness of night.

These types of experiences are important to us here at Underbelly.

Get out and play today!

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