"Impact Through Mentorship" with Riley Bracken & Danjuma Alcala

As creatives, we constantly challenge ourselves to create products that make lives better. We design beautiful brands and create videos to capture hearts with storytelling. Whatever you enjoy creating, there is always something that drives you. What if you were to take that drive and apply it to make an impact through mentorship? Could you use this drive to make the world a better place, not only through what you create but by teaching your skills to others who might not have the same opportunities that you’ve had?

An effective way to positively impact the lives of underprivileged kids is by sharing your skills through mentorship. Being a mentor statistically helps in their success by giving them more opportunities than they would without it. This relationship is rewarding, and your impact will be seen well into the future due to both the mentor and mentee's lives being shaped for the better by this relationship. 

During our Spring Drop-in, Riley Bracken, Technical Director at Underbelly, and Danjuma, CEO of Because He First Loved Us, discuss the importance of increasing diversity in the tech industry through mentorship. The two of them cover the challenges underprivileged communities are up against, how we can use our skills to impact the lives of those around us and stories of kid's lives being affected through mentorship.

"It's taking that thing that you are passionate about and knowing how to share that skill with a child. It's what causes that step to success, not only individual but as a community." -Danjuma Alcala​

Take some time to watch their discussion and our hope is that you will be inspired to use your skill to make a positive impact through mentorship!

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